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I'm Wendy, a mother of two wonderful adult kids. My daughter is 21 and my son is 19. I am married to the love of my life, now for 23 years. I'm a professional photographer, so you will probably see my photos in blog posts or on my social media sites quite often. I take all of my farm photos. All my photos are © Little House Simple Living and Wendy Walker Photography. We purchased 10 acres three years ago and sold our previous house. We have been building our new "old" Farmhouse for 2 1/2 years now and hope to be finished by the middle of 2019. We have four mini-angus cows that we plan to raise for ourselves and take orders in the future. Our cows are grass fed on herbicide-free pasture and not given any hormones or antibiotics. Just a lot of love! We do supplement with Diatamaceous Earth and a Non-Gmo feed for vitamins and minerals. I believe in Jesus Christ and strive to live according to the way God wants us to by living a simple life. I love cooking from scratch with my iron skillets and making homemade pie dough. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty or work in the yard aka garden. I also have a thing for old barns, mason jars, burlap and vintage aprons. I believe anyone can be a homesteader. It doesn't matter how much property you have. Start small and see what a bountiful harvest you will receive!

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