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I’ve been swamped the past two weekends!  Can you believe I have had two, yes you heard me, TWO nieces get married within one week of each other.  And, on top of my regular sessions, I have hardly had time to go pee LOL.  I love every minute of it though! 🙂






I had the honor of photographing both of their weddings.  I got all giddy when they both asked me and of course I said, “Absolutely”.  It’s kind of hard when you know the family as you don’t get to participate in a lot of the festivities because you have to actually work while everyone else is having a good time.  Well, I made sure I had a good time at both of these weddings.  I even got out on the dance floor at my oldest niece’s wedding, which was on Halloween!  More about that one in another post, but for now…..

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I loved everything about this wedding!  My niece, Catie, had everything all coordinated and planned months prior to the wedding.  Well, let me first tell you, she married the pastor’s daughter, so she kinda had some help from the congregation LOL.

The wedding and the reception were at the church, which made it really simple for pictures.  I had found a beautiful Sycamore tree out front and I knew it would be the perfect spot to do some of the outside shots.  I even brought my old church pew that I have in my house for everyone to sit on.  I love it!






The table centerpieces were super cute!  Cut tree trunks were used as the base and then a mason jar with daisies, a tea lite candle and a simple burlap flower.  I love how less is more!

DSC_8490cwb DSC_8471cwb

The cake!  Wow, it was beautiful too!  I loved the groom’s cake for sure!  Who doesn’t like cookies and milk?  They had oreo cookies layered in the shape of a cake and served milk in little shot glasses!  The bride’s cake was so sweet and simple.  Traditional with butter-cream frosting and burlap bands with simple flowers on the top.  LOVE!


The day could not have been complete without the hay bale couches!  These were layered with old family quilts that gave these the perfect touch!

Now, on to processing their photos.  I’m so blessed to see the woman that my niece has become and so excited to have her new hubby as a part of our family.  They already purchased a home and can’t wait to have a family cook-out when they get it all fixed up!  So proud of them!!!!


Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Clements!!!


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