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Baby Chloe

Here is my newest “Little Munchkin”, Chloe….she was just 2 weeks old and I had so much fun with her.  It’s really cool when the parents get involved during our session.  We just kept thinking of different things to do with her.  My favorite is Chloe in my little baby bed.  My husband made it for me out of old barn wood that I got from my friend’s house.  It’s so heavy, but worth the sore muscles when you see the final results.  🙂

We did a few of her awake and then mama gave her some yummy’s to get her fast asleep.


~ Enjoy ~


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Turning “1”

It’s so exciting when your baby turns one.  There’s so many changes that have happened over the first year and they deserve a celebration.   Here’s how I celebrate with you and your baby.  I bring a cupcake (and a cute little pedestal to sit it on) and a handmade banner (by me) to complete the special day.  Custom banners with your child’s name on it are available for purchase.

These 2 little boys are friends so we did their big celebration portraits on the same day. What sweetness they were!

~ enjoy~ 🙂

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