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I can’t believe this little guy is already one!!  I have had the wonderful pleasure of photographing his first year and have enjoyed watching him grow.  The minute I met him, those eyes just melted me.  Watch out girls!!!  You can check out the rest of his First Year here ……….

~ Enjoy ~

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Celebrate Survivors……..

As part of my quest to support women’s health issues, Wendy Walker Photography is excited to announce our complimentary, First Annual Cancer Survivors’ Photo Session Contest.  Research shows us that the impact of both breast and ovarian cancer can be minimized with accurate information. I am committed to supporting this cause and proud to be providing Central Florida women a place to be photographed in a way that builds confidence about their bodies once again.  The pampering that occurs during a “Celebrate” photo session helps ease feelings of vulnerability. After surviving such a serious health challenge, women sometimes feel betrayed by their bodies. The final photographs help to bridge that gap, building peace and self-assurance. These stunning images provide the final proof: No longer a patient, you survived. And you are stronger and more beautiful than ever.  This actually hits a little home with me…..in August 2011, I had to have a total hysterectomy due to a mass that was the size of a grapefruit on my left ovary.  During surgery, the doctor called my husband and told him it was cancer, so he removed all my female parts.  I had just turned 40.  3 days later, my pathology report came back and it was a low-potential malignancy.  GOD removed that cancer from me and I give him all the praises today.  I have spent the last year on an emotional roller-coaster and finally glad I got off.   I feel amazing now!!!  I realize now that I went through all this so I can help others and educate them.  I salute each and every one of you ladies and what you have gone through…so what’s it feel like to “Fight Like a Girl”???

Wendy Walker Photography will hold a contest starting now through October 31st for cancer survivors.  If you or any woman you know has been affected by cancer, please consider entering our contest to win a FREE “Celebrate” Diva Photography Package. Entering the contest is easy, simply send us your survival story along with one or two photos of you and we will post the entries on our blog.  Then you, the readers, will choose the contest winner based on the person receiving the most number of votes. The winner will receive a Designer Diva Package and will be treated to professional hair styling and makeup application during her “Celebrate” session along with a catered lunch. The images in her album will be a wonderful reminder and celebration of her beauty.  Anyone with a cancer survival story is a true winner – all finalists will receive a gift certificate toward a “Celebrate” photography session. In addition, Wendy Walker Photography will contribute a portion of each “Celebrate” session in October towards cancer research.  Please join us in our support of breast and ovarian cancer research by donating to this important cause.

To enter the contest:

This contest is for any woman who has survived cancer in any form. Please email your story to info@walkerphotography.com with the subject line: SURVIVOR CONTEST. Send a picture of yourself and any other photos you would  like to share.  Your first name and images will be posted on Wendy Walker Photography’s Blog for our readers to view and vote on.  Feel free to nominate a deserving friend – just please ask their permission first and send us their contact information so that we can get their confirmation.  We will be accepting entries until October 31, 2011.  Viewers can cast their votes through November 14th and the winner will be announced on November 15th.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing your amazing stories!



My first entry hits home with me….Her story is somewhat similar as she just went in to have a tumor removed and found much more……..



On June 23rd, 2010 I went in the hospital to have a simple hysterectomy.  (You know, the kind they perform all the time and it’s nothing to worry about.)  During the surgery, my doctor discovered tumors on both ovaries and it had even spread into the omentum.  Pathology results came back identifying it as a Borderline Ovarian Cancer with Low Malignant Potential but having Papillary features.  Basically, that is a very rare form of ovarian cancer and there have not been a lot of studies conducted on it.  It was staged being a Stage III-A.  I began chemotherapy and underwent 6 rounds of Carboplatin and Taxol. I was told I was going to lose my hair, so I went ahead and cut it short, donating 15 inches of hair to Locks of Love. I lost the rest of my hair after my very first round of chemo. Soon thereafter, I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes.  I was devastated and avoided mirrors as much as possible because I was so embarrassed by the way I looked. Chemo was such a struggle and I had many days where I questioned whether or not I would even make it.  But through the support of an amazing God, my wonderful family, and my compassionate friends I pulled through the darkest days.  I continue to get bloodwork and scans every three months, but so far there is no evidence of the disease.  My hair is growing back in now, although it’s coming in a different color and so curly this time!  11/11/11 will be my first anniversary of being cancer-free!! 

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